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Ballasts are specialised power controllers for low-resistance grow lamps. They boost voltage at start-up and then drop and regulate the power levels during running, compensating for the age of the bulb.


We supply a variety of lighting setups using digital, 315 cmh and 400v units from leading suppliers such as Gavita, LUMii, Maxibright, Omega, Nanolux and many more.


Reflector shades

Reflectors come in all shapes and sizes.  From simple wing reflectors to air cooled hoods and compact cooltubes, they control both light dispersal and heat containment.


Anglia Hydroponics stocks all major brands - Powerplant Ultralite, Aerowing, Mantis, Sun King,  Ecotechnics, Garden Highpro, Adjust-A-Wing, Gavita, Maxibright, and more.


Relays, contactors & time switches

Accurate and reliable control of light cycles is key to successful hydroponic growing. Basic domestic timers cannot handle the high ignition loads of HID lighting.


Anglia Hydroponics stocks a complete range of professional units from Black Box, Ecotechnics, GSE, Davin, LUMii, Green Power and Powerplant.


LED grow lights are increasingly popular. Compact, cool running and highly energy efficient they are now the preferred choice for many indoor gardeners.


Sunmaster, Vayola, Spectrum King and Spectron are just some of the top brands available from Anglia Hydroponics.



Compact fluorescent bulbs with their low energy consumption, full spectrum and built-in ballast electronics are also a popular choice for small growing areas.


Anglia Hydroponics supplies CFLs in 125w, 200w, 250w, and 300w along with matching reflectors as well as PL55 and T5 bulbs and fixtures.



We also offer a full range of lighting accessories including rope ratchets, easy roll hangers, light rails, Grasslin timers, budget timers, grow room glasses, green head torches, a huge variety of sodium and metal halide bulbs, light meters and lots more.


Nutrients and additives are key to a pure hydroponics system, providing plants with the food they require throughout their lifecycle.


Anglia Hydroponics stocks a full range from all the leading suppliers -  Canna, Growth Technology, Plant Magic, Biobizz and Plagron.  We can also supply products from House and Garden, GHE, Flairform, Atami, Hydrotops, Growers ark, Field Marshal, Hesi, Gold Label, Vitalink, Evoponic and many more.




Every hydroponic grower needs an extraction system to remove CO2 depleted air and control humidity, keeping plants growing optimally and avoiding mould.


Anglia Hydroponics supplies extraction fans from a variety of manufacturers such as Gekko, Systemair, Ruck, Can-Fan, RAM and Isomax. These include metal-cased squirrel fans, MDF box fans and mixed flow fans.



Anglia Hydroponics recommends Mountain Air or Rhino filters due to their excellent lifespan and filtration efficiency.  We can also supply a variety of other systems from leading manufacturers.


Fan Controllers

Fan controllers manage temperature, balance intake and extraction speeds and achieve optimum air pressure and flow.


Anglia Hydroponics’ range includes Rhino, GSE, SMSCOM, Control Freak, GAS and RAM.



We provide ducting in lengths of five or ten metres, a full range of elbows, Y and T piece connectors, wall plates and reducers in a range of sizes. We also offer combi and acoustic flexible silencers, clip on, pedestal and floor-standing fans.


Hydroponic systems come in six main forms – wick systems, deep water culture, nutrient film technique, ebb and flow, aeroponics and drip systems.


Anglia Hydroponics supplies complete, pre-configured and easy set-up solutions including:

Nutriculture: Rush RDWC, NFT Gro-Tanks & Multi-Ducts, Wilma, Oxypots DWC, Ebb & Flood, Amazon Aeroponics, Flo-Gro, Quadgrow, Bubblebox and Vegitator. PLANT!T: Gemini, Aeros, Titan and Saturn. IWS: Flood & Drain and DWC.


We also supply systems from Air-Pot, Alien, Autopot, GHE, GoGro, Green Man System, Highlight Horticulture and Hydrogarden.


Hydroponic growing media take the place of soil, providing a stable base for the roots and in some cases holding moisture and oxygen but soil can be used too.


Anglia Hydroponics stocks both quality soils and hydroponic media from Canna, Plagron, Biobizz, Gold Label and Growth Technology among others. We also supply Rockwool from Grodan and Cutilene, Perlite and Jiffy.


Anglia Hydroponics stocks a huge range of accessories including propagation equipment, drying nets, PH and EC measurement and control, pest control, timers, Ona gels and blocks, air and water pumps, compression sprayers, C02 equipment, tents from Mammoth, Secret Jardin, Green Room, Hydrolab and Lighthouse plus a range of sheeting, pots, saucers and trays, measuring jugs, pipettes, syringes etc.

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Anglia Hydroponics icons
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Anglia Hydroponics icons
Anglia Hydroponics icons